9 Key factors to success in e-commerce business (Make sure you use it on your website)

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9 Key factors to success in e-commerce business (Make sure you use it on your website)

Do you know More than 2.1 billion shoppers are expected to purchase goods and services online by 2021?

Today, e-commerce websites engage not only Women but Men, kids, parents, and teenagers as well. So online shopping is not associated with a niche market but it is going to capture more than that what we can imagine.

People are increasingly looking to shop online for easier customer experience. And, they’re even shopping from the mobile, because of better mobile networks and bigger mobile screen sizes.

So the digital world is an exciting place to be, with business owners who are using e-commerce websites or who want to sell their products/services through e-commerce websites. But it isn’t always easy for a successful business online.

Before knowing the factors of success we should know why so many e-commerce(Approx. 70-80%) businesses struggle to improve their sales.

There is some very common reason why their customer leaves the website without a final purchase:

  • Customers don’t know how to use your site
  • Product value isn’t clear
  • Navigation is difficult

Don’t worry as solutions are much easier than what someone thinks.

To compete in the e-commerce world, there are a few trade secrets that you will need to do it to the top. And if you follow these secrets, definitely you get a big advantage over your competitors.

1. Good Website Design

Website Design

Nobody wants to buy products/services where things are not organized. It is as true for the offline store to the online store. So make sure your e-commerce website is well-design. Because good website design reflects your company value behind the screen. If your e-commerce website design does not have the wow-factor, you probably need to work on the design.

Also, the Sitemap (Website structure) must be well design for easy navigation of the Website.

2. Establish your brand unique


Your e-commerce brand has own value and purpose. You must clear that what you do and why you do.

Shoppers love reviews. Approx. 50% of consumers are likely to buy products and services with excellent reviews. A negative review can also help to buy as it reflects reviews are not fake.

To win it, you need a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the brand.

USP help to differentiates your products from your competitors so that consumers can remember your brand easily and they give positive review rather than negative.

3. Consumer love a great User Experience

On your website, it should be clear what your business does. If you want to move traffic toward a desired action, like buying, you need to optimize UX or user experience.

It is also important that the shopping cart is easy to view and access. The checkout process must be straightforward.

Your content quality leads to buying mood like:

* Video

* Good size image/animated image

* Games (if your brand can attach with the game)

Optimize UX for mobile, as more & more user is going to use mobile for their purchasing.

The mobile version of your site shouldn’t look exactly like your regular website. Image/content must be different and approachable according to the mobile screen as the users are going to spend less time rather than desktop views.

4. Website loading speed

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Website loading time affects your sales bottom line. Fast speed loading website experience improved their conversion rate by 50 to 70%.

5. Transparent with your customers

To succeed in the e-commerce world you need to transparent with your customers otherwise, they might not trust you for buying products/services.

Your contact information should visible right on your website.

The shipping costs of your website must be affordable for customers. Offer them free shipping when they spend over a certain amount of money. If you charge extra for shipping cost, please clearly mention to prospects before they reach the checkout page.

Also don’t force users to create accounts before they place an order. It is good to lets your users sign up after placing an order. It will exponentially improve your conversion rates.

6. Product information

Outstanding individual product pages with detailed information like product specifications, photos, shipping costs, etc helps consumers make buying decisions.

Try to highlight product key benefits. Product page design and architecture is very important when it comes to sales conversions.

7. Enhance User Engagement (Social media)

Social media for ecommerce

Linking social profiles and user-generated content with an e-commerce website can easily engage your customers towards your brands. You can share helpful information about your product/services in the form of image/video for your customers on Instagram/Facebook/Linkedin/Youtube/Pinterest to engage your customers. Social media allows brands to show authenticity and associate an emotional connection with their products.

8. Secure Shipping / Return Policy

Before transaction money, customers need online financial security. Make sure that your e-commerce websites are using safety features during the purchase process to build customer trust.

Return Policy is also a trust-building feature of online business. For any genuine reasons, customers know that the brand is there for them. 

9. Use Call to Action (CTA)

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call to action (CTA) is nothing but an invitation for a user to take some desired action. Make sure CTA is showing each & every page on your e-commerce website. Try to make it in a clear and different format (color/text) to directly influence your customer’s buying decision.

The above 9 Key Factors will help to optimize your e-commerce website for higher conversions. They can actually make or break your online business.

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